Real Estate
based coin.

Current Bonus:
USD 50k and higher: 45%
USD 25k to 50k: 40%
USD 10k to 25k: 35%

Creating Real Estate Wealth

About Wealth Migrate

Wealth Migrate is a global real estate investment marketplace that offers investors direct access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities, in premier markets around the world, from as little as USD 1000.

Wealth Migrate’s mission is to empower people by providing access to quality real estate investments that were previously accessible only to high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

Almost half of the world's wealth is held in real estate, but only 12.9% of the population have the disposable income to access it.

Through the Wealth Migrate platform, investors benefit from the extensive experience of the Wealth Migrate executive team which has collectively invested more than USD 1.4 billion for clients in international real estate transactions over the last three decades.


  • 20 000 members from 127 countries and growing by 1.93% per day
  • USD 80+ million invested by investors from 62 countries (a quarter of the planet) and growing by 0.5% per day
  • 2 300+ transactions with an average transaction size of USD 36 800
  • 70% repeat investment from investors.
  • Real estate pipelines of over USD 3 billion on four continents in diversified commercial and residential assets
Global Presence

5 Continents, 7 Countries, 20+ Staff
a truly global company with diverse virtual and on-the-ground teams

Our Ecosystem
The Global Wealth Group Ecosystem

Wealth Migrate is built, owned, and operated by the Global Wealth Group. The four brands in the Global Wealth Group ecosystem are outlined below.

We will expand our Wealth University to provide the most advanced education, analytics, wealth-building and portfolio management for investors. There will be at least 24 000 members paying USD 20 a month and over 1 million engaged users using the free tools. This will be fully integrated into the Wealth Migrate platform. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."
We will grow Wealth Create to be the local solution in each country. We will find our partners in critical markets and we will adopt a licensing model where we franchise and license the Wealth Create platforms to the best partners in specific countries. This will all be integrated into the Wealth Migrate global marketplace, increasing the traffic, reach and value of the integrated network and market. Within five years, we will be in at least 20 countries globally, growing through network effects and marketplace roll-out. Wealth Create will focus on gamification and more entry level investors. The vision is to get the minimum to USD 1 per person, per investment.
Over the next five years we will continue to grow Wealth Migrate into a trusted global real estate marketplace. This will allow investors to safely invest internationally, in quality opportunities, thus achieving wealth preservation. The target is 1 million transactions a year, with an average of USD 2000 per transaction and an average (supply and demand side) fee of 5%, which equates to a revenue of USD 100 million and minimum valuation of USD 1 billion. There will be a full ongoing Wealth Assist solution, built into the system, to ensure ongoing customer experience for clients.
The Wealth Movement is our gathering of friends and family from around the world to learn about the latest in fintech, wealth, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and all the exponential technologies which are democratizing access to wealth for everyone. It will be like the Ted Talks for Wealth.

Our Performance Record

Over the last three years, we have concluded six CRE investment projects with a value exceeding USD 100 million. Projects vary from growth investments (18-24 months) or income investments (4-5 years), which deliver investor returns (IRR) from 12.0% - 19.5% or above. Quarterly dividends between 7%- 9% per annum are paid for the income investments, as well as a capital gain, which is paid at the end of the investment period. Returns are paid in the currency of the investment i.e. USD, AUD, GBP.

Wealth Migrate Business & Platform

The current Wealth Migrate investment process makes it possible for an investor to access specialized commercial real estate assets that were previously only available off market, in private deals and at a high investment capital amount. The Investor earns the same relative return as the owners of similar large specialized portfolios. The investment process is in direct real estate in first world countries such as the USA, UK and Australia. Wealth Migrate have taken a complex process and simplified it through an online platform.

Our Business Model
  • Access large, high-quality and engaging global audience
  • Tools to access, engage and distribute to investors
  • Suppliers build their digital reputation by leveraging the Wealth Migrate brands, tools and audience (special proofing)
  • Access to a wide range of high-quality selection
  • The convenience of accessing deals at any time and from anywhere
  • Information and tools to empower users and ease the process of finding and securing the perfect investment – SMART INVESTING™
  • Continue to enhance and deepen the experience for both demand and supply
  • Continue to scale quality supply and quality demand
Funds raised and how we use them
Be part of democratizing wealth!
USD 29 - 30 million
USD 28 - 29 million
USD 28 million
USD 18 million
USD 13 million
USD 11 million
USD 9 million
USD 0-5 million

Existing Foundation

Built on an investment base of USD 11 million, the above Use of Funds provides the necessary funding to build on top of the existing 15 000+ transactions from 46 countries to a value of USD 395 million with a team of 60 people on five continents.
Token Sale Details

Name of Token:




Total Supply:

600 million

Token Price:

The ETH Equivalent of USD 0.10

Token Sale Cap:

USD 30 million

Pre-Pre Token Sale Duration:

Until USD 1 million is raised or December 15, 2017, whichever is earlier

Pre-Sale Duration:

From December 15, 2017 to April 4, 2018, or until USD 10 million is raised, whichever is earlier

Token Sale Event Duration:

From the end of the Pre-Sale to May 21, 2018, or until USD 30 million is raised, whichever is earlier

Token Distribution:

Crowdsale: 50%, Reserve 20%, Team 20%; Network Growth 10%

Pre-sale & Team Token Lock up:

There will be a 6-month lock-up period from the close of the Token Sale before the Tokens can be traded.

Bonus Structure
Token Sale Phase Start End Bonus
WEALTHE™ Token Pre-Pre Sale (Up to USD 1 million) September 6, 2017 When USD 1 million is raised or until December 15, 2017, whichever is earlier 1. Minimum USD 50K: 50%
WEALTHE™ Token Pre-Sale Phase One (Up to USD 3 million) December 15, 2017 When USD 3 million is raised or until March 30th, 2018, whichever is earlier 1. USD 50K+: 45%
2. USD 25K+ <USD 50K: 40%
3. USD 10K+ <USD 25K: 35%
WEALTHE™ Token Pre-Sale Phase Two (Up to USD 10 million) End of Pre-Sale Phase One When USD 10 million is raised or until April 4th, 2018, whichever is earlier 1. USD 50K+: 40%
2. USD 25K+ <USD 50K: 35%
3. USD 10K+ <USD 25K: 30%%
WEALTHE™ Token Sale (Up to USD 30 million) End of Pre-Sale Phase Two When USD 30 million is raised or until May 21st, 2018, whichever is earlier Hour 1: 30%
Day 1: 25%
Day 2-4: 20%
Week 1: 15%
Week 2-3: 10%
Week 4-5: 5%
Week 6: 0%
Earning WealthE™ coins

These are just some of the ways you can earn WealthE™ coins.


  • Wealth Test (WQ)
  • Training
  • Review Course
  • Create Course
  • Inner Circle

Research & Due Diligence

  • Real Estate Deals
  • Markets
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Partners


  • Registering
  • KYC & Funding
  • Investing
  • Asset Management


  • Refer friends
  • Attend events
  • Create Investor Circles
  • Refer affiliates or partners


  • Donations
  • Pay it Forward
  • Events
  • Global Impact
Real estate investing & spending WealthE™ coins


  • Wealth Partner (Group Shareholder)
  • Inner Circle
  • Specialized research reports
  • Higher level DD access


  • Wealth Movement
  • Local Investor Clubs
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Partners


  • Beginner Wealth Courses
  • Intermediate Wealth Courses
  • Advanced Wealth Courses
  • Inner Circle
  • Books
  • Specialized research reports

Please visit the resource page to find examples of how WealthE™ Coin holders can participate in the ecosystem. We have depicted a number of different scenarios

Membership Benefits

As a member progresses through the platform membership levels from Green to Titanium, the member qualifies for increasing discounts for key platform services. When the member reaches Titanium level, the key platform services become free-no further WEALTHE™ Coins are required to offset the cost of these services.

Wealth Partner Membership Status Discount if WEALTHE™ Coins are used to offset cost of Services
Green 0%
Bronze 10%
Silver 20%
Gold 40%
Platinum 60%
Diamond 80%
Titanium All services are free (no token redemption required)

In addition to the level of token ownership a member must have to qualify for the various Wealth Partner membership levels, members may redeem WealthE™ Coins to obtain services related to commercial real estate education (online courses, training systems (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), webinars), software tools, other related commercial real estate products, and professional services such as mentoring/coaching, advisory, and due diligence related to commercial real estate investment.

Token Usage

The WEALTHE™ Coin is a utility token and will be the fuel that powers access to and growth of the Wealth Migrate Platform. The WEALTHETM Coin will be both the mechanism (currency) to qualify for platform membership and it will also provide incentivization for the use and engagement on the platform.

Wealth Migrate Platform Membership Level Overview

Wealth Partner Status USD Dollar Worth(TGE) Number of WEALTHE™ Coins Per Year to maintain status How long you maintain level for
Green $1.00 10 Per annum
Bronze $100.00 1000 Per annum
Silver $1,000.00 10,000 Per annum
Gold $10,000.00 100,000 1 year badge
Platinum $100,000.00 1,000,000 2 year badge
Diamond $500,000.00 5,000,000 5 year badge
Titanium $1,000,000.00 10,000,000 Lifetime award

Once a member qualifies for the Gold, Platinum, or Diamond level, that member will maintain that status for 1, 2 and 5 years respectively. Qualifying for the Titanium level is a permanent lifetime achievement.

Wealth Migrate platform
Wealth Migrate and WealthE™ Coin application areas and layers relative to blockchain development

Implementation Areas


Partner Management


Partner Management


Member / Token / Currency / Escrow / Management

Real Estate

Registry Ownership Management & Reporting


Primary Listing & Secondary Sales Platform

Partner Use Cases Profiles

  • Supplier Partner Profiles & Real Estate
  • Investor Affiliate Partner Profiles & Recording
  • Other Investor Aggregation Platforms Sharing
  • Secondary Sales for Partners Real Estate
  • Partner Real Estate Registry & Management Servies

Member Use Cases

  • Pledge & Fractional Investment Handling
  • Purchase Sale Transaction Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Wallet Management
  • A.I. Investor Reporting & Guidance
  • Secondary Sales Exchange & Management
  • Gamification & Token Earning & Investment

Identity Management Applications

  • People - KYC
  • Entitles - Real Estate Suppliers Due Diligence
  • Entitles - Investor Suppliers Due Diligence
  • Real Estate - Due Diligence
  • Real Estate - Title Record Management

Business to Business Platform Applications

  • Currency Matching
  • Crypto / Flat Conversions
  • Real Estate Publishing & Sharing
  • Escrow Account Management
  • Transactions & KYC Data Handling

Smart Contracts Layer

  • Real Estate Transactions & Fees
  • Investor Handling & Earnings
  • Secondary Trading Buy / Sell
  • Supplier Real Estate Acceptance

API Layer

  • Tethered Currencies
  • Title Registries
  • Investor Platforms
  • Due Diligence Services


  • ERC 20 WealthE™ Token
  • Other Tokens Exchange for Global Wealth Initiatives


The diagram shows how all the above are layered upon the blockchain to ensure a powerful, global real estate platform.

Real estate token sale matrix

Comparison between Wealth Migrate and other Competitor Token Sales

Wealth Migrate




Existing Real Estate Business
Existing Blockchain Platform
Matches What the Token Sale Market Wants
Use of Funds from the Token Sale? Expanding the existing business, enhancing the existing platform and investing in new real estate Building the new platform, building the new business; no money for real estate Building the new real estate variant of the platform, building the new business Building a new platform for managing and transfer of title Not stated in white paper and poor performance in recent ICO
Token Design Utility token with bonus and gamification features to drive use of the token and drive engagement within the platform and Global Wealth Group ecosystem Utility token to participate in the platform once it is built with no special features Utility token that allows for participation in the platform; limited incentivization Utility token that allows for participation in the platform; some incentivization Utility token to participate in the platform once it is built
Money Raised or Intending to Be Raised USD 30M Raise Intended USD 10.7M USD 18.5M USD 15M USD 6.9M